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Name:Lily St. George
Birthdate:Sep 22
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come with me for your release

&Do not look at me.

Mara Cracked

&Do not forget me.

There is a madness in the land, the same madness that's plagued us for centuries. Mankind cured old age, defeated death itself and for their arrogance they were punished.

For now instead of the life given by Everlast, they face madness. Violence. Death at the hands of strangers, and not merciful ones either.

The Order offers an alternative. We offer peaceful slumber, respite from fear. The Order knows mankind's sins as has forgiven them, and someday they may undo them freeing mankind of the burden of madness and giving them back to the mortal nature that was always meant to be.

The Order can protect you and keep you until your time is ended...or until you are expelled.

There are rules, you see, and The Order holds them high and enforces them strictly.

The Order is to be feared.

&Do not trust me.

Your life is mine to end with a touch, your memories, everything you are becomes mine and then fades to the ether.

You may think this terrible, you may think me a monster, and you're right. But isn't the monster in the dark preferable to madness in the light? Isn't a peaceful passing preferable to a violent end?

I am what I've been made and there is not undoing it, no going back, no peace.

I am your peace, I am your final freedom, I am your last free act as a citizen.

I am your Reaper, come with me for your your earliest convenience.

&Do not love me.

I am Mara Lesser.
I am a Reaper.
And I am terrified.

Original Character
Played by Dawn: [info]ravenrants
AIM: corbiedawn
e-mail: lady.wandering[at]gmail[dot]com

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